Round 2 Offshore Wind Farm

  • Client: UK
  • Location: SA coast in the outer Clacton
  • Turbine Equipment: 175 turbine 630MW
  • Total Capacity: 17000
  • Completed: 2013-06-20
  • Homes Powered: 9000

Round 2 Offshore Wind Farm is a 175 turbine 630MW located 20 km off the SA coast in the outer Clacton in the UK It is the largest offshore wind farm in the world, and the largest wind farm in UK by megawatt capacity. Construction of phase 1 of the wind farm began in March 2011 and was completed by mid 2013, The second phase of the project was refused planning approval in 2014 due to concerns on the impact to sea birds. Each turbine and offshore substation is attached on a mono pile-foundation, and connected together by 210 kilometers (130 mi) of 33 kV array cables. The two offshore substations are connected to an onshore substation at Cleve Hill on the north Kent coast, by four 150 kV sub-sea export cables, in total 220 kilometers (140 mi). It is named after London because the power goes to the London grid.