Sea Wind

  • Client: Sea Wind
  • Location: North Sea coast of Munich , Germany
  • Turbine Equipment: 576 MW
  • Total Capacity: 15000
  • Completed: 2014-11-13
  • Homes Powered: 5000

Is a 576 MW Offshore wind farm located in North Sea coast of Munich Germany and is the largest operating offshore wind farm in the world. The farm has 160 wind turbines of 150 meters (490 ft) tip height above mean sea level. The project has a value of 2 billion Euros, in which 1.2 billion Euros were spent on turbines and electrical connections. Construction began in 2012, power production started in September 2013, construction phase ended in November 2014, and final commissioning occurred in June 2015. As with all offshore wind farms in the UK the owns the seabed at Munich It has agreed to leased the land for sustainable power.