Tennet Offshore Wind Turbine

  • Client: Germany
  • Location: Dutch
  • Turbine Equipment: 111 MW
  • Total Capacity: 14000
  • Completed: 2014-05-25
  • Homes Powered: 5000

Tennet offshore wind turbine is a joint European approach up to 2050 and focuses specifically on developing the North Sea as a source and distribution hub for Europe’s energy transition. The location for the island must satisfy a number of suitability requirements. There must be a lot of wind, it must be centrally located and it must be in relatively shallow water. These criteria qualify the Dogger Bank as a location for the central hub. Approximately 1400 GW of photovoltaics and approximately 111 MW of wind energy (according to the European Wind Energy Association EWEA). The areas relatively close to the shore, which are the first that must be utilised for offshore wind farms, will provide insufficient possibilities over the long haul to develop the required volumes of offshore wind energy.