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For some years now, wind-energy projects have reached a scale that is making established Investors more interesting, institution and Finance perspective. However, wind-energy projects are fundamentally different from the traditional financing models for large-scale power stations or infrastructure projects. The technologies used are relatively new and are still developing at a faster pace, being dynamic in nature.

Meer Wind Energy’s projects are designed for light-wind locations (IEC-3). With its 3.0 MW installed capacity the increase in rated output amounts to 25 percent. Despite the consequential increment in output, sound power level is limited to max. 104.5 dB(A).

Profit Calculation of Wind Energy

According to NREL (National Renewable Energy Laboratories) the formula for calculating profitability of a wind turbine/farm is as follows:

( (FCR * ICC)/ AEP + ( LRC + O&M + LLC ) / AEP)

Where as:

  • FCR (fixed charge rate)
  • ICC (Initial Capital Cost : cost of turbines, installation, and balance of station)
  • LRC (Equalized replacement cost: yearly sinking fund for overhauls and replacements)
  • O&M (operations and maintenance cost: annual turbine maintenance)
  • LLC (land lease cost)

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